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Optical Brightening Agent ER-Ⅱ

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ER-Series Fluorescent Whitening Agent for Plastic Chemical Fiber
Currently, ER-series fluorescent whitening powder is being widely used at home and abroad for whitening plastic chemical fiber, and especially in printing and dyeing industry, it has become a quality and high-efficient type of fluorescent whitening agent for polyester. The ethanol group contained in the product structure is capable of constituting 6 different isomers at different ortho-position, para-position, and meta-position. Meanwhile, the isomers are mutually compounded or compounded with fluorescent whitening agents of other structures, which will generate several dozens of high-quality compound-type whitening products.
ER-series fluorescent whitening powder is the typical representative of toluylene-type whitening agent, and its six isomers are shown as follows:

(1) 1,4-bis(2-cyano styryl)benzene

1,4-bis(2-cyano styryl)benzene
(2) (2-cyano styryl-4-para-cyano styryl)benzene

 (2-cyano styryl-4-para-cyano styryl)benzene  02.jpg
(3) 1,4-bis(para-cyano styryl)benzene
1,4-bis(para-cyano styryl)benzene

(4) (ortho-cyano styryl-meta-para-cyano styryl)benzene

(ortho-cyano styryl-meta-para-cyano styryl)benzene

(5) (para-cyano styryl-meta-cyano styryl)benzene

(para-cyano styryl-meta-cyano styryl)benzene

(6) 1,4-bis(meta-cyano styryl)benzene
1,4-bis(meta-cyano styryl)benzene