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Fluorescent Brightener PF

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Fluorescent Whitening Agent PF
Chemical name:
Physical and chemical properties

[Structural formula] 

Fluorescent Whitening Agent PF

[Molecular formula]C18H14N2O2[Molecular Weight]290
[C.1.NO.]135[CAS No.]12224-12-3
[Appearance]Yellow crystal powder
[Melting point]182-184℃
[Purpose]The product has good effect in whitening polyster fiber under low temperature.
The liquid products made of it are widely used in printing and dyeing industry.
It has excellent fastness to light and chlorine-resistant property, lt also has good effect in whitening plastic products such as PE, PP, PS, ABC and PVC, especially under low and middle temperature(130-180℃), as well as coating, printing ink, and print.

Application method:
1. Relative to weight of materials to be whitened
2. Temperature and time(30 minutes,160℃; one minute,180-190℃)
3. The product may be firstly dissolved by using plasticizer,and then grinded into suspension liquid by triple-roller mill,Uniformly add the suspension liquid to plastics which will be whitened under proper temperature(180-180℃)