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Optical Brightener Agent FP-127

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Fluorescent Whitening Agent FP-127
Chemical name:4,4-bis(o-methoxy-styryl)-biphenyl
Physical and chemical properties

[Structural formula] 


[Molecular formula]C30H26O2[Molecular Weight]418
[C.1.NO.]378[CAS No.]40470-68-6
[Appearance]Miik white green crystal powder
[Melting point]216-218℃

① Fewer consumption, high whiteness, pure colored light, excellent heat-resistant performance, and high anti-migration fastness;
② Extremely good effect in whitening artificial leather products; free from yellowing and fading after long-term storage;
③ Compatible with and excellent effect in whitening PVC and PS;
④ The product has low toxicity, and can be used for whitening plastic products for food packaging and toys for children.

[Purpose]It is used for whitening and brightening various plastic products, coating, printing ink, synthetic fiber (good fatness to light for nylon fiber after it is whitened), household electrical applicances, electronic products, packing materials, and etc.

Recommended use quantity:

Material categoryUse quantity for whitening and making materiats transparent (FP-127 whitening agent for every 100kg of materials)
WhiteningMaking materials transparent
Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)10-50g0.1-1g
ABS10-50g(remove the inherent yellow of ABS)
Other plasticsWhitening and brightening:0.01-0.05%(relative to weight of materials to be whitened of brightened)