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Fluorescent Optical Brighteners BC-367 (KCB)

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Chemical name:1,4-bis-(benzoxazolyl-2-yl)naphthalene

Physical and chemical properties

[Molecular formula]C24H14N2O2[Molecular Weight]318
[CAS No.]5089-22-5[Structural formula] 
[Appearance]Yellowgreen powder
[Melting point]210-212℃

The product is one of the  products at extra-excellent level among numerous fluorescent whitening agents, having extremely strong effect in whitening, and its colored light is bright brilliant blue. It is mainly used for whitening plastic products and synthetic fiber products, also suitable for brightening colored plastic products, It is largely used in ethylene/EVA copolymer, being the fire choice for whitening sports shon sole. It is widely used for general-purpose plastics(such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC), moulding materials, injection moulding materials, and polyester fiber. It has significant effect in whitening coating and natural paint.

Recommended use quantity:
Item of plastics or resin, the general use quantity is 0.01-0.05%(namely, 10-50g for every 100kg of plastic raw materiais to be whitened). Users may also adjust the particular use quantity according to requirements on whiteness. If plastic materials are added with ultraviolet light absorber or titanium dioxide, the optimal use quantity may be properly adjusted(in general, the use quantity shall be increased).

 Use quantity for whitening (quantity for every 100kg of plastic raw materials)
Use quantity(g)10-2510-2510-2010-3010-3010-30

If the agent is applied to transparent plastic film,the recommended use quantity is  1-10g for every 100kg of plastic materials.