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Optical Brightening Agent BC-368 (KSN)

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Chemical name:2,5-bis-(benzoxazole-2-yl)thiophene

Physical and chemical properties

[Structural formula] 
[Molecular formula]C30H22N2O2[Molecular Weight]442
[C.1.NO.]368[CAS No.]5242-49-9
[Appearance]Yellow powder
[Melting point]269-271℃

The product is a benzoxazole compound, being one of the extra-excellent fluorescent whitening agents, and an upgraded product. It features few consumption and excellent whitening property, praised as "King of Whitening Agents".
The colored light of the product is purple blue, with high compatibility and properties of light resistance and weather resistance. The color fastness to light is level 4 to level 6 for plastics, and level 6 to level 7 for polyester fiber.
It is used for whitening and brightening polyester fiber, polyamide fiber, and polyacrylonitrile fiber; it has good effect in whitening various plastic products, it is used for whitening materials such as coating, printing ink, and paint, it is also used for whitening silk fabrics and wool fabrics.

In general,the use quantity is 0.01-0.03%(relative to weight of materials bo be whitened).
It is recommended to use 2-30g of agent to whiten or brighten 100kg of plastic products, and 0.5-3g of agent for whitening or brightening 100kg of transparent plastics.
It applies to processes like extrusion forming, injection moulding, anc film-drawing.