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Optical Brightener OB-1

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Chemical name:2,2'-(4,4'-2-styryl-)bisbenzoxazole
Physical and chemical properties

[Structural formula] 
[Molecular formula]C28H18N2O2[Molecular Weight]414
[C.1.NO.]393[CAS No.]1533-45-5
[Appearance]Yellow powder
[Melting point]358-360℃
[Features]① The product has the best heat-resistant performance among all current whitening agents; it is resistant to the temperature of 375℃; its powder porducts will not disperse after processed under the temperature of 300℃ for 8 hours; it is especially suitable for whitening engineering plastics with high melting ponts(for example, polysulfone resin).
② The product has good chemical stability; it is resistant to heat, light, chlorine bleaching, strong acid and strong alkali.
③ The product is compatible with other additives in plastics, with good adaptability and dispersity.
④ The product is low in toxicity, used for whitening plastic products for food packaging and toys for children.

It is used for whitening such fibers as polyester fiber, nylon fiber, and polypropylene fiber, it is extraordinarily suitable for whitening and brightening various plastic porducts, such as PE, PP, PA, PVC, ABC, HDPE and EVA.

Recommended use quantity:
The product can be used separately,or used with ER,PE,OB,EBF,and 127 to realize ideal effect and reduce the cost.

Material categoryQuantity for whitening (quantity for every 100kg of plastic raw materials)
WhiteningMaking materials transparent
Rigid Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)10-60g0.1-1g
Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)10-60g0.1-1g

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