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Optical Whitening Agents OB

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Fluorescent Whitening Agent OB
Chemical name:
2,5-bis-(5-tertiary butyl-2-benzoxazolyl)thiophene
Physical and chemical properties

[Structural formula]

Optical Whitening Agents OBQQ图片20160510154400.jpg

[Molecular formula]C26H26N2O2S[Molecular Weight]430
[C.1.NO.]184[CAS No.]7128-64-5
[Appearance]Miik white crystal powder
[Melting point]198-201℃

The product is widely used for whitening various plastic products involving PE, PP, ABS, PVC, SAN, SB , CA and PA; it has excellent effect in whitening products such as polyester fiber, cellulose acetate fiber, nylon fiber, artificial fiber, paint, printing ink and coating; it also has good effect in whitening household applied and electronic porducts.
In addition, OB-C is yellow powder, mainly used for whitening non-transparent PVC plastics;
OB-P is yellow powder,mainly used for plasticizing PVC.

Recommended use quantity:

Material categoryQuantity for whitening (quantity for every 100kg of plastic raw materials)
 Making materials transparent
Polyvinyl chloride(PVC)10-50g0.1-1g

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