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OBA Optical Brightening Agents BC-185 (EBF)

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Chemical name:2,5-bis-(bezoxazo-2-yl)thiophene

physical and chemical properties

[Structural formula] 
[Molecular formula]C18H10N2O2S[Molecular Weight]318
[C.1.NO.]185[CAS No.]12224-41-8
[Appearance]Milk white crystal powder
[Melting point]216-220℃

①The degree of fastness to light resistance mary reach level 7 to level 8.
②It is excellent in resistance to washing and chlorine bleaching.
③It has excellent property in resistance to hard water and alkaline.
④It is compatiable with whitening agents of other structures.

[Purpose]The product is a kind of whitening agent for polyester commonly used at home and abroad, including two types(powder type and liquid type.). The powder products are very suitable for whitening and brightening various plastic products, such as PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC and PMMA, as well a whitening coating, acetate fiber, chinlon and polyvinyl chloride fiber. The liquid products are generally used in dyeing and printing industry with the content of 10%, suitable for such processes as dip dyeing and pad dyeing.

Recommended use quantity:
EBF(liquid type)is used for whitening polyester or blending products of polyester and fiber. Methods like high temperature and high pressure dip dyeing method, low temperature absorption setting method, and pad dyeing method may be used. In general, the use quantity is 0.2=0.8%(o.w.f).
EBF(powder type) has excellent effect in whitening and brightening plastic products and staple fiber, and the use quantity is 0.02-0.05%(relative to weight of materials to be whitened).