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Pearlescent Pigment

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Crystal Pearl Pigments
Crystal Pearl Pigments consist of synthetic mica coated metal oxide like Titanium Dioxide and Iron Oxide, have wonderful properties with better whiteness and crystal luster, better chroma and color clearness, less black spot and easy application.

Particle Size (um)Product Name
10-60Crystal Super White
Crystal Super Gold
Crystal Yellow Gold
Crystal Red Gold
Crystal Bronze
Crystal Red Brown
Crystal Wine Red
10-125Crystal Sparkle White
Crystal Sparkle Gold
Crystal Sparkle Red
Crystal Sparkle Violet
Crystal Sparkle Blue
Crystal Sparkle Green
Crystal Flash Yellow Gold
Crystal Yellow Gold
Crystal Flash Red Gold
Crystal Flash Bronze
Crystal Flash Red Brown
Crystal Flash Wine Red

Chameleon Pearl Pigments
Chameleon Pearl Pigments as a new advanced Optical Visual Pigment based on special chips substrates and coated by multilayer metal oxides coatings according to optical property. Each piece of pigments reflects constantly changing colors under the condition of different viewing angles and light ray incident angles, showing a flop of a special effect, helping products to add dynamic and stunning colors.

Particle Size (um)Product Name
10-60Golden-Orange-Red Soft Pearl
Golden-Red-Violet Soft Pearl
Orange-Lilac-Blue Soft Pearl
Red-Violet-Blue Soft Pearl
Lilac-Blue-Green Soft Pearl
Golden-Bronze-Purple Soft Pearl
Green-Golden-Red Soft Pearl
10-125Golden-Orange-Lilac Bright Diamond
Golden-Red-Violet Bright Diamond
Orange-Lilac-Blue Bright Diamond
Red-Violet-Blue Bright Diamond
Lilac-Blue-Green Bright Diamond
Green-Red-Lilac Bright Diamond
Golden-Bronze-Purple Bright Diamond
Blue-Green-Golden Bright Diamond
Green-Golden-Red Bright Diamond

Diamond Pearl Pigments
Diamond pearl pigments consist of glass flakes coated with metal oxides, possess of dazzling three-dimensional diamond luster, excellent color purity, brightness, transparency and reflectivity. They create a brilliant, starlike glitter effect.

Particle Size (um)Product Name
10-60Diamond Brillliant White
Diamond Super Gold
Diamond Super Red
Diamond Super Violet
Diamond Super Blue
Diamond Super Green
10-125Diamond Sparkel White
Diamond Sparkel Gold
Diamond Sparkel Red
Diamond Sparkel Violet
Diamond Sparkel Blue
Diamond Sparkel Rainbow
Diamond Flash Bronze
Diamond Flash Red-Brown
Diamond Flash Wine-Red
Diamond Sparkle Lilac
Diamond Flash Brown-Green

Anti-Yellowing Pearl Pigments
Anti-yellowing Pearl Pigments are made through a special coating process based on silver white series, which will improve the photochemical activity of the Titanium Dioxide to prevent the yellow substances be created, the dispersion, shear resistance, and stability for applied in plastics & rubber performance can be improved.

Particle Size (um)Product Name
10-60Super White
1-15Micro White
5-25Rutile Stain