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Fluorescent Whitening Agents 4BK

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CAS No.12768-91-1
C.I. No.113
Main Chemical CompositionStilbene bistriazine derivative
Properties1) With strong fluorescence, excellent whitening effect and slight bluish shade.
2) With high light resistance and chemical stability.
3) Good acid resistance, stable in perborate and hydrogen peroxide.
Treating ProcessExhaust process: 0.1-0.8% (o.w.f.), bath ratio: 1:10-30 
Temperature 90--100¡ãC¡Á30-40min-wash-dry. 
The process can be adjusted according to the actual situation. 
One bath process of Scouring hydrogen peroxide bleaching and whitening: 
Dosage:0.2-0.8%( o.w.f.) 
Scouring agent:0.5-1g/L 
hydrogen peroxide:5-15/L 
bath ratio:1:10-30 
Temperature:90--100¡ãC×30-40min wash dry. The processing can be adjusted according to the actual situation.
Package25kg 50kg per cardboard drum
Technical IndexAppearance:Slight yellow uniform powder 
Shade: Slight bluish 
Fineness(120 mesh residue):≤5%
UsesMainly be used in whitening of cotton fabric and polyester /cotton blends.T/C whitening in one bath.